We purchased our Automatän A73VA Jogger/Aerator in January, 2008. We found the A73VA Jogger/Aerator is a very solid machine, needs minimal maintenance and is extremely reliable. I’m positive this machine will provide us with many years of dependable service.

In the event the need would arise, we would not hesitate to purchase another Automatän in the future. This was one of the smartest purchases we have made.

Rick Horton
Western Container
Kansas City, MO



The AutoFeed has provided us with a safer work environment as well as increased productivity from our die cutter.

Jim Nelson
Great Lakes Packaging



The decision to purchase an Automatän jogger/aerator was made after reviewing the different load handling manufacturers in the industry. Although the Automatän was not the least expensive option, we chose it due to the robustness and durability of the system. It was obvious that it was engineered in a way that was designed to last a long time. We use this piece of equipment everyday and it has been a vital part of our printing operation. The loads feed into the printer much better and we are able to run at higher speeds. In addition, we are able to combine our racked loads using the deracker system from Automatän which saves a lot of time and money. One of our operators, Phil, says that this was the smartest purchase we have ever made. If and when we decide to purchase another jogger/aerator, it will be an Automatän.

Gary Slawny
Action Printing



Our Automatän Jogger/Aerator has been a great addition to our facility. I sometimes think we take it for granted because it is such a dependable machine but yet we rely on it so much. We would not hesitate to purchase additional Automatän equipment in the future.

Tim Wayman
Proteus Packaging



First, Brian Foley has been great working with. If he didn’t know an answer he would get back with me at the exact time when he said he would every time. Next, the people doing the installation were topnotch. I couldn’t have asked for a cleaner/timelier installation. As far as the EM itself: (EVERY ORDER runs wide open, 3000pcs for regular feed, 1500pcs for skip feed and 750 for double skip feed, EVERY ORDER) With the double skip-feed capability, this machine has taken some of our large labeled boxes from a hand labor process at 80 pcs per hour to running them on the EM at 750 pcs per hour. This feature has opened up markets for us. Within 2 months of installation an opportunity came to us that without this machine we would’ve had to turn down or asked to try to redesign what the customer wanted. We got the order and the 52” X 73” label ran flawlessly. We have a 4050 and liked it too, until we saw how easy the setup is on the EM. Without the mat, using the suction cups has cut the setup time from 30 min to less than 10 min. The double feed option is also a great feature. Having some boxes with 2 labels has cut the runtime in half. The new feeder on the EM is a great improvement over the older style. The fact that you don’t need to try to control a shingle has simplified the process and reduces waste. Not wanting to sound like a commercial but everyone really likes this machine, from our plant scheduler not having to worry about when or if 4 hand operations will get an order done, to the crews who love the ease of the setup and running, the members of management at Bennett Packaging know we’ve made the correct choice in the new EM.
Craig Bradley
Bennett Packaging



We have had a great experience with our Automatän Jogger/Aerator. It has been a dependable and trouble free machine and has handled the demands we have placed on it over the years. Automatän has responded to all of our requests and needs in a timely and professional matter. We look forward to working with them both now and in the future.

Mark Sonderen
Sonderen Packaging



We are so pleased that we installed the Automatän Litho Labeler as it gives us a massive advantage on the POS market now.

Nick Kirby
Swanline Print Limited



I would be happy to recommend Automatän. Their staff has been extremely accommodating and they provided us with a great piece of machinery that has saved us money!

Michael Patton, Jr.
Creative Press



Since the decision to purchase our Automatän Load Turner, we have been very pleased with the machine and Automatän’s sales, service and management teams. Travis, an Automatän technician, did a great job installing the machine and has proven to be very experienced. We have a long history with Automatän’s current management team and, as with our previous purchases, this has been a very positive experience. From the delivery, installation, training and performance of the machine, everything has been to the highest expectations that were promised to us. The machine has been very dependable and we are confident it will continue to perform everyday as it had the day before, and as it did the day it was installed. Automatän’s Model 73T Load Turner has been very reliable and trustworthy. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Automatän into the future.

Bill Mores
Joe Piper



Yesterday your engineers installed an upgrade through the modem to fix our counter issues. We were not running at the time so we made a quick check of the counter and upon powering down the machine and restarting we are now able to retain our counts, thanks. Later when our 2nd shift arrived to begin production we experienced a problem in which we could not get into our "run screen". I contacted Dan and spoke to him about our new problem; we were quick to assume that it had something to do with the upgrade as the mounter had functioned earlier yesterday morning. Dan got together with your engineers and determined that this was a touch screen problem. I told him that we had a hot job and were supposed to deliver it yesterday. I was hoping at that time that an overnight delivery would be our best chance. Dan later called me back and said that he would deliver a touch screen to us last night and also install it. I would like to commend your new improved service program! In our opinion you really stepped up to the plate and provided outstanding service when called upon. Please say thanks to Dan, Todd, Joe and whomever else was instrumental with making this happen.

Thanks from all of us at The Bureau!



We have had an Automatan EM laminator for almost 2 years and we could not be happier with the machine and the people at Automatan. We have been a long time customer of Automatan due to the fact that we used to own a high speed model for more than 5 years in the 1990's. We feel that their machine has been a vital part of our growth and success in the 1990's through today. Ed LeVine has been our contact for the EM and he has been very helpful from the time we bought the machine, during the installation, and through the post-install support. Ed is always happy to help with parts and general questions. I am very happy with the decision to purchase the EM and would be happy to give a personal reference.

Derrick Hesser
Chicago P-O-P Corporation